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Melanie & Susie are available for speaking engagements.  Please click here for more information.  

Susie Hawkins

Susie Hawkins lives in Dallas and has been actively involved in ministry as a pastor's wife, teacher and volunteer. She served as the Director of Women's Ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church and speaks at various women's conferences and events. She has an MA in Theology from The Criswell College and is a contributor to various publications, such as Voices Behind the Veil and the "Women's Evangelical Old Testament Commentary." She is the author of "From One Ministry Wife to Another".

Susie enjoys traveling to Israel with her husband O.S. and has been exploring Christianity's Jewish roots and its rich history these past thirty years. She has participated in seders while in Florida, Texas and Israel and wants others to share in these valuable insights and discoveries. Susie and OS have two married daughters and six young grandchildren who have served as her guinea pigs in exploring with others why Passover is "a night that is different from any other night". 


Follow Susie on Twitter: @SusieHawkins1

Melanie Leach

Melanie Leach lives in North Dallas and is originally from South Louisiana. She was a marketer for twenty years, most recently at Pepsico. Now, her passion is sharing Jesus in the Passover.

Melanie has always been interested in and curious about Christianity's Jewish roots and heritage.  She and her husband have led Christian Passover Seders for several years in their home with friends, co-workers, believers and non-believers.  These Passover dinners sparked wonderful conversations around the table and compelled her to bring this experience to others. 

Her hope is to continue to learn more about the Jewish feasts and create meaningful, rich traditions in homes everywhere.


Melanie and her husband, Will, are foodies and enjoy cooking and entertaining friends and neighbors.  They have a fourteen-year-old son, Nicholas, who keeps them on their toes.


Follow Melanie on Twitter:  @mleach4002

Or email:

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