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The  Seder Guide will inspire as well as enhance your Seder experience.

As you gather your group together to participate in your Passover Feast everyone should have a copy of this guide. The Guide will provide you and your small group or family with the various traditional readings and prayers as you conduct your own Passover Seder for Christians.


Notes pages have been added so you and your group can add stories, prayers and scriptures that are meaningful to you. 


“Let all who are hungry come and eat. Let all who are in want come and celebrate the Passover with us. May it be God’s will to redeem us from all evil and from all slavery.” – Traditional Jewish Seder 

The Book & Seder Guide... Available on Amazon!


Step Into The Story of Easter…


Nearly 4,000 years ago God commanded Israel to observe the Passover as a statute FOREVER.  Fast-forward to today, and you will find that most Jews – including Jewish Believers - still celebrate this ancient Feast. 


But, what is it and why would Christians care about this Festival?  Is it relevant to 21st century Believers?


In the Passover Israel was CALLED OUT by God as His chosen people to be separate from the world.  They were to REMEMBER what God did for them.  He saved them with a mighty hand.  And, lastly, they were to TELL THE STORY to each generation.  Sound familiar?! 


As Christians, we are CALLED OUT to be separate from the world around us, We REMEMBER what Jesus did for us, and we are commanded to GO TELL HIS STORY TO THE WORLD! 


Passover is so much more than just a feast celebrating Israel’s exodus from Egypt.  It’s a multi-sensory expression of our faith-heritage intersecting the Past, the Present and the Future to come – and it all takes place around YOUR table! 


We invite you to STEP INTO HIS STORY and experience Passover for Christians!
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