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Ceremonial Foods


The Ceremonial foods are eaten after the story of Passover is told and after the second cup of wine (the cup of Deliverance) is drunk.  It's a great time to really experience and put yourselves in the story of God's overarching plan of redemption.  You are free in Christ!


"You are to eat the meat, roasted in the fire that night, along with the bread, made without yeast, and the bitter herbs."  Exodus 12:8


Available in most grocery stores in the Kosher section.  They are usually in big cracker-like boxes.  If you are ambitious and want to make it from scratch, there are recipes online and Pinterest.  


(By Any VonBremzen, John Welchman, Please to the Table:  The Russian Cookbook)

Roasted Lamb Bone

Available in most grocery stores in the Meat department during Passover.  You can usually ask the butcher for one.

Available at your local grocery store in many varieties.

This is one of our favorite recipes for Charoset.  It's flavorful & easy!  



1 sweet red apple, cored, peeled and cut into pieces

1 pear, cored, peeled and cut into pieces

1/2 cup walnut pieces

1/2 cup blanched almonds

1/2 cup hazel nuts, toasted and chopped

1/2 cup raisens

1/2 cup pitted dates (I use dried cherries)

1/3 cup sweet kosher wine (or grape juice)

1 1/2 tbsp honey


Working in batches, mince all the ingredients above in a food processor.  Then transfer to a bowl.  Skip the nuts if you have nut allergies.  

Parsley, Celery or Lettuce
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