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Getting Started:  Making Passover Your Own

The Passover Seder allows you to step into Jesus's story.  Experience the Passover as He and His disciples did the night before He died on the cross.  Incorporate it into your Holy Week/Easter Celebrations and create a new, meaningful family tradition!

“Knowing that Jesus did this – or something pretty similar – prior to Easter really prepares your heart for Easter!”  
-- 2013 Seder Participant
Items Needed

Candles (one or more):  the Hostess lights the candles to kick-off the Seder

A Seder Plate/Platter:  this is a ceremonial plate or platter used for your seder.  It aids in telling a multi-sensory story - visual, touch, taste, smell and hearing.  The five ceremonial foods are placed on this special plate or platter.

A FREE Seder Guide (here):  Everyone should have a copy of the Seder script so each person can participate in the readings.  A COMPLETE Seder Guide is available here.


Ceremonial Foods:  (print out)

  • Unleavened Bread (Matzah)

  • Bitter Herbs (Horseradish)

  • Roasted Lamb Bone

  • A Green Vegetable (Parsley, Lettuce or Celery)

  • Charoset (Apples, Nuts, Raisins Mixture)

  • Salt Water

  • Boiled Egg

  • Wine or Grape Juice.

Setting Your Table For Passover (print out)


The Meal


The suggested menu is very simple with a vaguely Middle-Eastern flavor. Some of the ceremonial foods can be part of the meal as well.


As Christians we are not bound by Jewish dietary rules or customs.  If your family likes lasagna or enchiladas – serve that!  If you have time constraints, since this usually happens during a work/school week, you can always pick something up at your local grocery store. 


We usually roast a lamb and have our friends bring side items.  I challenge them to bring something the Jewish people may have had back then just to get them in the mindset.  With so many Jewish Recipes available online – and especially over Passover – it’s usually easy to find something unique and fun!  The key here is spending quality time together focused on the true meaning of Easter - Jesus came and became our Passover Lamb!


Menu Suggestions for Seder Meal: 

  • Roast lamb (or brisket, roast, chicken or turkey)

  • Spinach or other dark green vegetable

  • Salad

  • Rice Dish

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