Custom Seder Plate


Experience Passover with this beautiful, custom-made Seder Plate. We've partnered with a local designer to create a beautiful heirloom you will be happy to pass on - or give as a gift!


Hand-Crafted Seder Plate


This Hand-Crafted Seder Plate is the heart of your Passover Seder table. It holds the traditional foods you will share prior to the meal. Sharon Davis, a North Texas glass artisan, has created this amazing work of art that can be passed down in your family from generation to generation.


Made with two sheets of meticulously fused and formed glass, the plate is heavy, functional and durable.The turquoise in the plate tells the story of Israel's journey from slavery to freedom as they passed through the waters of the Red Sea. The dark browns represent the doorposts where the blood of the lamb was placed on Israelite homes. The brown colors also remind us of the cross of Jesus.



Cost:  $200.00

Shipping & Handling:  $25.00