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Ceremonial Foods

These are the Ceremonial Foods are eaten during the Seder.  This is where we get our Lord's Supper which is an abbreviated Seder Meal.  The night before Jesus died on the cross he took the matzah, the wine, gave it to his disciples and said, "Do this in remembrance of me." This experience truly puts you into the story of God's overarching plan of redemption - from Passover to the Lords' Supper. Jesus's body broken for us, His blood shed for our salvation.

"You are to eat the meat, roasted in the fire that night, along with the bread, made without yeast, and the bitter herbs."  Exodus 12:8



Available in most grocery stores in the Kosher section.  They are usually in big cracker-like boxes.  If you are ambitious and want to make it from scratch, there are recipes online and Pinterest.  



Use Parsley, Celery or Lettuce for your Green Vegitable



Mix together 1 Apple chopped, 1 Pear chopped, 1/2 cup walnut, almonds or hazelnut pieces, 1/2 cup raisens or dates, 2 tbsp of kosher wine or grape juice and 2 tbsp of honey. If you have a nut allergy skip the nuts - this recipe is delicious either way. Feel free to play around with the portions, you can't mess this up. This serves 8.


Salted Water

Use a small dish for your salted water. You  dip your green vegetable in this during the Seder. 



Available at your grocery store in many varieties. 


Lamb Shank

Available in Kosher Deli's. You will need to roast this either in your oven or on a grill. You can use other bones to substite for this. We used to use chicken leg bones. 

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