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Getting Started

Your Seder is going to be great! Some like a more formal occasion with the best china, cooking all the main dishes and sides themselves.  Some prefer a more casual style ordering take-out, having potluck, or using disposable plates.

Seders can be primarily focused on the kidsthe adults, or kids and adults.  The Seder is flexible. Make it your own. Family Seders with children are a bit more rowdy than Seders with Adults only and that's okay. As you tell the story of Passover year after year, you are reinforcing key themes. God is faithful. His promises are true. He loves us. Now, let's get started! We hope the ideas here will inspire you as you plan your own Passover for Christians, Seder. 

Be Creative & Keep it Simple


Setting Your Table

The Seder Plate is the centerpiece of your table, on it is the Ceremonial food: parsley, a boiled egg, salt water, haroset (apple, nut, honey mixture), horseradish, and a roasted lamb bone (available at Kosher Deli’s) are all placed on the Seder Plate. Matzah and grape juice/wine are placed beside that plate. Seder Guides should be set upon each place-setting. 

Pick a Date

Pick a day sometime during Holy Week before Resurrection Sunday. Many host their Seder on Maundy Thursday since it's the evening before Good Friday when Jesus celebrated Passover with His disciples. Some like to host it on Palm Sunday because it's easier to get everyone together on a weekend night. It's really up to you. It's most meaningful sometime before Sunday. The goal is to deepen and enrich your faith.


Invite Your Friends, Family, or Small Group

Many use online invitation sites like Evite. Depending on the size of your event, you can get customized invitations and mail them out or just call/text your group to come over. The benefits of online invitations are that they are quick, easy, and enable one to keep track of who is coming. 

It's a Meal

Ceremonial foods are eaten during the Seder but there is a break between the second and third parts of the Seder where we break for a real meal. Some groups serve their meal before the Seder which can help with timing. Some keep snacks or extra matzah on the table so guests can snack throughout.  Do what works for you and your group. 

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