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Veggie prep for the Main Meal during the Seder.


Dipping and eating the vegetable during a Children's Passover Seder.



Believers celebrate two major events annually on the church calendar - Christmas (the birth of Jesus) and Easter (the Resurrection).


Most of us do not have traditional Easter Celebrations in our homes outside of church services. Passover for Christians equips you with the tools you need to celebrate and create a meaningful Holy Week/Easter tradition.  The Christian Seder provides a set time for you, your friends and loved ones to share a meal together and focus on God's redemptive plan for the world.  It puts you IN the Easter Story by allowing you to walk in Jesus's shoes right before His death on the cross.  Jesus was Jewish, after all and He celebrated this feast every year of His life.




The purpose of this website is to help you lead and organize your own Passover Seder - Christian-style!  We will provide you with resources and ideas on how to make this Celebration your own.


What Is It?


Approximately, 3,300 years ago God established and commanded the people of Israel to observe Passover, a family tradition that is still celebrated today by most Jewish families. In fact, it is the first of seven major feasts observed throughout the year. See Exodus Chapter 12. 


Passover originates with the Jewish people and is a tradition Jesus observed all the years of His life.  In fact, Jewish Believers have been celebrating a "Christian" Passover Seder for centuries.  Our goal is to introduce you to this tradition and the richness of it.


For Christians, the Passover Seder helps us understand the importance of the Passover and how central it is to the overarching story of God's redemptive plan for the world.  The Old Testament laws provided a subsitute sacrifice that looked forward to what Jesus would ultimately do once and for all.  In Jesus, Passover is fulfilled.  Jesus IS our Passover Lamb who takes away the sins of the world.  Further, Passover is a picture of the Heavenly Feast to come - the Marriage Supper of the Lamb all believers will share together around God's table.  (Revelations 19:9)


"For Christ, our Passover Lamb, has been sacrificed."

(I Corinthians 5:7b)


Our hope is that you incorporate this into your Easter festivities this year and years to come.  Make it your own, remember what Jesus did for you and tell others!


May God Bless You,

Susie & Melanie

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